ROASTING : Customer may send the green beans  to us and we will proceed the roasting according to the given specification. We have 2 kinds of the best roasting machine PROBAT of 1 kg and 25 kg.


BLENDING : We have sources of coffee from different origin in Indonesia. If you have special request, we can help you  “blend” the coffee beans .

READY TO DRINK : LIQUID COFFEE . We have 2 kinds of packaging,  250 ml and 1000 ml bottle. We can produce in  large quantity daily. For 250 ml, we can produce  3000 bottles per day.
For 1000 ml, we can produce 5000 botles per day.



We are offering you quality products at competitive price. Becoming our teamwork, you have helped to give your contribution to introduce INDONESIA COFFEE to be more wellknown among your friends and communities. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to become our team.